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Looking For A Mentor To Partner With….
Whether you choose to give me a call or reach out to another to help you get started successfully, I believe that it is the first and most important step. To many times people that attempt to start a Home Based Business.  
A) Try to do it themselves and fail.  OR
B) Join an MLM with a friend that doesn’t know anything about marketing and give up within 90 days  or 
C) Signs up under a very smooth marketer only to be left to figure the business out on their own and give up within 90 days. 
A Mentor Can Save You Time, Money And Confusion 
I went to a meeting back in 1998 to learn a way for my wife and I to earn some extra money. The fellow that did the presentation was very convincing, telling all in attendance that all we had to do was simply sign up 3 people and we could become rich if everyone that joined did the same thing.
He said that if 3 people signed up 3 people and this duplication continued just ten times I could leave my JOB. I paid the money and joined the business; however, unlike the slick sales guy that convinced me to sign up, I discovered that I had a lot to learn about selling.

He went on to recruit new people and I went on to fail for the first time in sales.

Mentored – From Zero In Team Sales To $600,000 in Annual Team Sales

In 2001 I received a call from a fellow living in Washington State whom was convinced I needed to team up with him in a Network Marketing business he was involved in. My first response to him was to say no. After about the 20th call from him I said yes. This turned out to be a smart move on my part, as he spent countless hours on the phone teaching me his MLM craft. 

This fellow had been a Million dollar earner in Real Estate, but when the crash hit that market he turned to Net Work Marketing and became a success once again. What I learned working with this fellow is that I needed a coach.  Just the same as any great athlete, being taught what to do and what not to do is critical in top achievement. My team's business went from zero in annual sales to over $600,000 in annual sales in just 6 years. 

3 Basic Options With Marketing On Line….
After working on line for the past 2 decades I have found there to be 3 popular types of businesses that thousands of people are using to create very lucrative incomes from their home using a phone, computer and an internet connection.

3 Popular Online Marketing Models:

1 - Bottom Tier

Marketing via MLM or Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing  – Low Cost Products / Services that require an investment that typically ranges between $100.00 to $200.00 per month. Over-ride commissions grow over time, as you build an organization or team of people by recruiting folks as either customers or as fellow marketers. The investment is small and as a natural result can take some time to build a group capable of generating you a significant income. This a great way to create a long term income as you do the work once and continue month after month to collect residual income.

2 - Top Tier

Top Tier – Affiliate Marketing a high ticket item. These Are High Cost Products / Services that require an investment that typically ranges between $2000 to $10,000 per sale.

You make a sale and get paid exclusively from the commission of the product or service you sell. This can be considered a short term income strategy as you can earn a full time income your first month or year. There is no team to build and no residual income. When you stop selling you stop earning an income.

(It should be stated that as with any business there is no guarantee of earning any money let alone a full time income.)

3 - Affiliate Income

Marketing Tools that serve both the Top Tier and Bottom Tier Industries. This type of marketing can pay small to large commissions and is based on the price of the product or service that you sell. It can be a one time commission or can have a continuity side (in other words a monthly commission). Although this can be a “Stand Alone Model” it can work nicely with either the 1st or 2nd model.

Build Your Brand -  Network Marketing Is Not Owning A Business!

A Simple Definition for:

Business ownership - simply means means that you own the product or service and sell /market for a profit or have others sell/market it for you.

MLM -  Multi Level Marketing - You work as sales person and collect residual income percentage from the marketing organization monthly/annual sales that you build. You neither own the product or have legal right to the marketing structure/organization that you build.

Affiliate Marketing - A form of commission based sales - acting as an independent agent you sell the product or service and receive a commission for the sale you specifically made. 
Begin building your own Brand... This may sound complicated but it really isn't. Have your own Blog and  create your own Email List. People will follow the Leader and being able to stay in contact with the people you come in contact can be critical. Think of someone selling furniture or perhaps automobiles - repeat business can take a marketer through the lean periods.

While new people that get into sales rely totally on the initial contact sale, the pros create huge email and phone lists that they can use to re-initiate contact which may lead to continued or repeat sales months and even years later.
My Focus Strategy....
I believe that anyone just starting out, that is serious about earning a living in sales and marketing, should pick one business model initially. Focus exclusively on that business until they have created a solid monthly income. Some people can accomplish this in a couple years while others may take longer. The point that I want to make clear, is that drifting about from business to business, is a recipe for massive failure.

If someone said to you "If you will do this one thing for 6 years and after that you can work the hours you want from wherever you want and continue to earn more income" would it be worth it? The alternative is to get a JOB for 40 years and retire broke.

Focus Is Critical - consider how a magnifying glass focused on a single point can create fire but "NO FOCUS NO FIRE".   
MLM Success Tip....

If You lead your team correctly, then Duplication will take place and your paycheck will grow. Which would you prefer 100 people in your Team, all doing exactly the same as you Generating Leads/Prospecting Leads and introducing them to your business sound like a winning plan Or..... your 100 people all scattered and confused in their marketing efforts sound more productive? Obvious isn't it? Sadly, many miss this truth. "Less Is Worth More"

16 Year Old Kids and a Billion Dollar Empire ....

How does the Golden Arch sell millions of dollars of low quality food by kids in their teens - not even out of school - Simple ..... An easy to follow System Repeated Over And Over Again in every restaurant in their chain e.g.  "Do You Want Fries With That?"  A System and Duplication - Rinse and Repeat

Where To Start....

Pick One….  Top Tier or Bottom Tier

My Dad used to say, “Chase two foxes and you’ll get either one” so it is important to have focus. If you are unsure about which business is right for you and you would like to get some feedback on how to begin, then give me a call. 

There is no wrong choice -  begin with a business model that appeals to you and is the best fit with the resources you have to invest. What is critical is that you get started!

Too many people get caught up with checking things out.... or as it is often referred to as,  "Paralysis through Analysis. A dear friend used to say "You have to stop saddling up... Get on the Horse and Ride! 

Helping People Get What They Want! "Servant Leadership”  

(Makes You Stand Out From The Crowd)

Why?….. because you care! The system and tools that you recommend your prospects get are the same ones you use. You are not selling useless products to people. You want to genuinely help people to succeed.

People follow leaders and when you Lead by example, the people you serve succeed. These folks will trust you and want to do more and more business with you and perhaps work with you in your business - if not now .... perhaps in the future. 
"Systems Are Duplicate-able"
People Are Not

My coach used to get on my case for doing too much creative techie stuff. He told me that if I wanted to build my business quickly, that I had to use a simple strategy that anyone follow and do with ease.  Honestly, I struggled with this, but after seeing my team explode when I just followed his directions, I had to admit, that a simple system was the best approach. 

A Funded Proposal…. 

You come in as an Expert with a proven system, tools and training to accomplish the task of building a business. There is truth to the “cliche” “If you help enough people get what they want, you will get everything you want.” As you attract struggling marketers with solutions, it is natural for them to ask what you are doing, what tools and training do you recommend.  

You become the mentor they don’t currently have and you will earn affiliate commissions by pointing them to the tools and system they need. Secondly, you will find that these people will ask to team up with you in your venture. 

My preference is to use Affiliate Marketing Income as a way to simply fund my expenses. Rather than affiliate marketing of tools and training with idea of a full time business, I would use this approach to ensure my team have the best tools and training. I simply get paid to help them accomplish this from the merchant I sell for.   

Are You Tired Of Struggling and Ready To Win? 

Because You Are Still Here Reading .... I Believe Your Answer Is “YES!”

Imagine what it will feel like when you have access to a Leader that can

Answer  your questions on how to generate leads for your business

Training on how to recruit them 

A system that you can follow.  

Discover the quickest ways to attract people to your business on the internet

Stop taking advice from broke people, because despite their best intentions, they simply can’t teach you what they personally don’t know. 

So you have a decision to make…. crunch time.

You Have 2 Choices:  

  1.) Keep doing what you have been doing and hope you get a different outcome  or  
  2.) Learn what successful people are doing and then repeat it yourself.
OK! "Lets Get Started....." 
Your Next Step....
People that I mentor and work with closely become like extended family to me. We will develop a bond of trust and friendship. Obviously not everyone gets a long with everyone and I am no exception. What I would like to do is get to know you and you get to know me and if we feel that we have a fit we can look at working together. "Does that seem Fair?"
I have created a brief questionnaire that will help me learn a little about you. Please take some time and thought in answering the questions. Once you have completed the form, it will come straight to me to review. Generally I will get back to you within 48 hours or sooner.
"Ok, It is Saddle Up Time"
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"Live Simply, Love Generously, Care Deeply, Speak Kindly, Leave the Rest to God."   Romans 5:1 NLT Copyright © 2016

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