If You Knew How Much Work You Had To Do You Would Never Build A Business.... - a paraphrase From Steve Jobs 

Your MLM Journey

One of the first things that most networkers tell all their new prospects is how simple the business is and how much money they’re going to make. They will tell you that the products or services that they have almost sell themselves and that they can build a lucrative income even if they only do it part time a couple hours a day around their existing job.

It’s not surprising that most people quit network marketing within the first 90 days. They quickly discover that the products and services don’t sell themselves and in order to make any kind of commissions, it’s necessary to put in consistent effort each day. While being able to enjoy all the luxuries they are told that they will be able to have in the future, they must be prepared to give up many of the leisure activities they currently have.

Before you got involved in your home based business, you could come home from your job, relax and spend time with your family.

Now that you’re an entrepreneur and building a residual income, you now find yourself attending hotel meetings, conducting sales meetings at your home, putting on sales presentations over the Internet and pitching your business to everyone you meet as you go about your day-to-day life. The fact that you have an existing job which is paying your current bills leaves you with no alternative but to use your spare time for your business.

Most people that get involved in network marketing find this to be too much of a culture shock and the growth of a brand-new network marketer’s business can seem infinitely slow. There are so many things to learn, so many calls to be made and so little in the way of residual income at the beginning.

You are promised huge checks, company cars and being able to say goodbye to your boss. The reality is that building a business is no simple task and only the people that are committed have any hope for success.

Unlike winning the lotto every dime you receive requires hours of work. My point in saying all this is not to discourage you from being a home-based business owner, but rather to prepare you and perhaps even encourage you. I believe that if you know ahead of time how much effort is required, you’re not going to feel like success is hopeless.

Buying Product Does Not Create an Income

Shelling out $100 or $200 each month for product will not buy you a full-time income. Your monthly product purchase simply puts you in the card game. I have found that too many people believe that if they spend one or $200 a month on product, they should automatically be earning $2000 or $3000 a month from their home-based business. An employee works for an hour and gets paid for an hour even if they accomplish little - an entrepreneur only gets paid if a sale occurs.

Most people work at a job that pays them just enough so that they don’t quit and they only put in as much effort as required to not get fired. Being an employee is not the same as being an entrepreneur. Fortunately, the entrepreneur can work hard for 10 or 15 years and then enjoy a lifestyle very few employees will ever have. One of my coaches said, I will do today what others won’t, so that tomorrow I can have what others can’t.

If you want to succeed at your home based business then I would encourage you to create a business plan where you invest yourself in terms of education, time and money and that you will not quit your business no matter what.

If you were to go get a loan for say, $1 million to buy a Krispy Kreme franchise, there is no way that you would quit your business in six months because it was hard or because you had to put into many hours.

This type of thinking is a trap that a lot of network marketers fall into-they didn’t invest much so it’s easy to walk away. I believe that if you commit yourself to a five-year business plan and show up for work consistently you can have massive success.


You can either choose to build your dream or work for somebody else and build there’s ..... the choice is yours.

About Chuck Guyett

Chuck began his career in Marketing in 1998 both in the On and Off Line business arenas and has won numerous awards for achievement excellence. Chuck currently works from his home in Red Deer, Alberta - about a 1.5 hour drive from the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Chuck loves coaching and decided to take what he has learned over the past 2 decades to help others achieve their marketing and sales goals.

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