It's a fact, that if you don't have this in place for your business your marketing efforts are doomed! I'll share with you inside the video exactly what SIN A LOA means. I will give you a clue though, the word is not Hawaiian. LOL

most people make reasonably good employees, but when it comes to becoming a successful entrepreneur most people fall flat. Statistically, the chances of succeeding in business is very low. It's not that there is no room for new marketers selling great products and services, it's just that most people are not dedicated or committed enough to getting a venture off the ground. Most people simply are not willing to endure the challenges of facing failure after failure. Oddly enough an airplane doesn't get off the ground without air resistance and a bodybuilder can't become stronger if he's not pushing heavyweights.

When starting a business, anything and everything typically goes wrong, and this is where most people end up failing in their attempts to build a business. Success generally only occurs after multiple failures. Consider learning to walk, your first attempts resulted in failure after failure and even though you fell you are willing to pick yourself up. Your parents were excited that you are getting up and attempting to walk they were thrilled with your attempts.

As we got older we learned that failure often meant that we were dumb, slow to learn, or lacking any talent. As a result of these negative experiences we became reluctant to do anything that made us look bad. Successful people like everyone else don't like failing but they don't let it stop them from continuing forward. They feel the fear and do it anyway. When you're contacting prospects, it's likely that you're going to be given a ton of rejection.

What I have found is that I feel the least amount of emotional pain with rejection when I have more people to call than I have time to contact. Understand that when you receive rejection, it has nothing to do with you. If you contact enough people your business is going to thrive.

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Chuck began his career in Marketing in 1998 both in the On and Off Line business arenas and has won numerous awards for achievement excellence. Chuck currently works from his home in Red Deer, Alberta - about a 1.5 hour drive from the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Chuck loves coaching and decided to take what he has learned over the past 2 decades to help others achieve their marketing and sales goals.

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