Looking For A Mentor To Partner With….

Whether you choose to give me a call or reach out to another to help you get started successfully, I believe that it is the first and most important step. To many times people that attempt to start a Home Based Business 1.)try to do it themselves and fail 2.) Join an MLM with a friend that doesn't know anything about marketing and give up within 90 days  or 3.) Signs up under a very smooth marketer only to be left to figure the business out on their own and give up within 90 days.

I went to a meeting back in 1998 to learn a way my wife and I could earn some extra money. The fellow presented a very compelling business opportunity and told me all I had to do was simply sign up 3 people and I would become rich. He said that if 3 people signed up 3 people and this duplication continued just ten times I could leave my JOB. I paid the money and joined the business; however, unlike the slick sales guy that convinced me to sign up, I discovered that I had a lot to learn about selling. He went on to recruit new people and I went on to fail for the first time in sales.

Mentored – From Zero to $600,000 in Annual Sales

In 2001 I received a call from a fellow living in Washington State whom was convinced I needed to team up with him in a Network Marketing business. My first response to him was no, but after about the 20th call from him I said yes. This turned out to be a smart move on my part as he spent countless hours on the phone teaching me his MLM craft. This fellow had been a Million dollar earner in Real Estate but when the crash hit that market he turned to Net Work Marketing and became a success once again. What I learned working with this fellow is that I needed a coach.  Just the same as any great athlete, being taught what to do and what not to do is critical in top achievement. My business went from zero to over $600,000 in annual sales over the course of 6 years. 

3 Basic Options With Marketing On Line….

After working on line for the past 2 decades I have found there to be 3 popular types of businesses that thousands of people are using to create very lucrative incomes from their home using a phone, computer and an internet connection.

3 Popular Online Marketing Models:

  1. Bottom Tier – Marketing via MLM or Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing  – Low Cost Products that require an investment that typically ranges between 100.00 to 200.00 per month. Over-ride commissions build over time as you build an organization or team of people by recruiting folks as either customers or as fellow marketers. The investment is small and as a natural result can take some time to build a group capable of generating you a significant income. This a great way to create a long term income as you do the work once and continue month after month to collect residual income.
  2. Top Tier – Marketing a high ticket item that is non-MLM. You make a sale and get paid exclusively from the commission of the product or service you sell. This can be considered a short term income strategy as you can earn a full time income your first month or year. There is no team to build and no residual income. When you stop selling you stop earning an income.
  3. Affiliate Income – Marketing Tools that serve both the Top Tier and Bottom Tier Industries. This type of marketing can pay small to large commissions and is based on the price of the product or service that you sell. It can be a one time commission or can have a continuity side (in other words a monthly commission). Although this can be a “Stand Alone Model” it can work nicely with either the 1st or second model, which I will discuss down below.

Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket….

Lesson Learned…..

I learned the hard way that it is wise to have more than one income stream, as it is very common for businesses or industries to go the way of the dinosaur. Consider Vinyl Records or Walkman's, both sold extremely well in their time, but now are obsolete. MLM companies are forever going out of business and despite the rhetoric, you don't own your a business if it is based on you being an Independent Representative of an MLM. In fact, you do not even have any legal right to the team you build. Should you decide to work with a different company the team you built in the previous company belongs to that company. If you attempt to draw your team away to a new venture, you will find yourself facing Legal Action with the MLM company they are a part of (I saw this happen several times).  

An Education In Real World Marketing – Can Be Expensive!

As with MLM companies many top Tier companies also come and go in the market place. Perhaps one of the more stable income sources is in marketing tools to people that sell although as with Bottom Tier MLM's,  this approach can also take some time to build up and unless you are already savvy with the strategies needed to make this work it is more likely that you will not make any money and perhaps even acquire a huge debt learning how to make this approach work.

My Strategy…..

I have a combination of all 3 that I am working with. I am involved in an MLM and have been with the company since December 2001. The company is solid and while many others in it's niche have come and gone, this company has weathered the economic ups and downs. The monthly cost of this business is about $150.00 per month which places it in the mid range of the Bottom Tier price range I described above.

I am also with a Top Tier program that pays out commissions that range between $1,000.00 to $7,000.00 per sale…. obviously you don't have to sell much in this category to have a great month. Plus it also comes with some additional perks that can add many more dollars in savings into your bank account.

Helping People Get What They Want or Need

Lastly, I market a Lead Generation Educational system that includes affiliate sales tools and training to people that are wanting to earn a living in the On Line; as well as, Off Line marketing arenas. When you look back on the California Gold rush, you will recall that there were thousands of people that went in search of gold…. Unfortunately most didn't find any, but every one of the miners needed to have gold mining tools to prospect with. For this reason, Lead Generation training and tools is a great addition to my collection. Perhaps one of the greatest features about my affiliate marketing is that I belong to a group of marketers that do weekly support and training calls plus all the marketing media is supplied. This one is a turn key business.  (Also See Below- “A Funded Proposal”  and also “A WIN – WIN Solution”)

Where To Start….

Chase Two Get None….

My Dad used to say, “Chase two foxes and you'll get neither” so it is important to have focus. So despite the strategy I now have for myself, I believe that it is critical to get 1 business working successfully before moving on to a second one. If you decide you would like to discuss with me how to begin, then give me a call. What I suggest to people regardless of their experience level is to begin with a business model that appeals to them the most and one they feel the greatest confidence with.

Many people are drawn to Low Tier businesses simply because in their mind they believe that marketing a product or service with a price tag of  $100 – $200 would be easier than one selling for $3000.00 to $10,000.Others believe that starting with a Low Ticket item is less risky…. small amount of money = small risk but when you consider the value of your time and the length of time it takes to create a sound income both models quickly level out in risk. Even with an initial investment of say $10,000.00 for an average Top Tier business it is a very low investment compared to say, buying a Crispy Cream or a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise.

It Is Never About the Price…. It is Aways About the Perceived Value

Part of my sales background was in car sales, which meant that I was selling vehicles that sold anywhere from a $1000.00 junker or a newer one that could be as high or higher than $40,000.00. I can tell you first hand that I worked just as hard selling the cheap vehicles as I did with the more expensive ones.  In fact the more high priced vehicles may have even been more easy to sell than the cheaper ones. Why… because the people buying the expensive ones had better credit and more educated about the value of what they were looking for.

Slow Road Or Fast Road…

Slow road or a fast road is a decision you have to make. How quickly do you want your business to replace your current income? Either Way You Are Right!…. Top Tier or Bottom Tier –  both are great choices but you need to be committed to succeed. The third business model that I spoke of is affiliate marketing – selling lead generation tools to people wanting to market on line. You may wonder why this would be something to add to the business models 1 or 2 in reaching your income goals. The answer is simple…. the people you come in contact with are likely part of the 90% of people wanting to build a business on home that have failed to succeed. They are looking for a tool or system that will solve their problems that have been holding them back.

A Funded Proposal….

You come in as an expert with a proven system, tools and training to accomplish this. There is truth to the “cliche” “If you help enough people get what they want, you will get everything you want.” As you attract struggling marketers with solutions, it is natural for them to ask what you are doing. You become the mentor they don't currently have and you will earn affiliate commissions by pointing them to the tools and system they need. Secondly, you will find that these people will ask to team up with you in your venture.

Sales and Team Building :  “A WIN – WIN Solution”

By using the third model you have a very powerful strategy and is often referred to as a funded proposal. This strategy gives you an income while supplying you with an endless supply of prospects for your business. It also provides you and your team with  “DYNAMIC – DUPLICATION”  since you are offering a way for all of your new people that are joining your business with a simple way to attract new business partners just as you did. I love this business builder approach as it is a WIN-WIN solution to building a residual income and working with integrity. Your team gets trained by being part of the system which frees you up to focus on leadership and recruiting.

People Want To Do Business With People They Know Like and Trust…


“Helping People Get What They Want  – Servant Leadership”  (You Now Stand Out From The Crowd)

Why?….. because you care! The system and tools that you recommend your prospects get are the same ones you use. You are not selling useless products to people. You want to genuinely help people to succeed. People follow leaders and when you Lead by example.  When the people you serve succeed, they will trust you and want to do more and more business with you.  

Sales and Team Building :  “A WIN – WIN Solution”

By using the third model you have a very powerful strategy and is often referred to as a funded proposal. This strategy gives you an income while supplying you with an endless supply of prospects for your business. It also provides you and your team with  “DYNAMIC – DUPLICATION”  since you are offering a way for all of your new people that are joining your business with a simple way to attract new business partners just as you did. I love this business builder approach as it is a WIN-WIN solution to building a residual income and working with integrity. Your team gets trained by being part of the system which frees you up to focus on leadership and recruiting.


“Systems are Duplicate-able BUT – People Are Not”

My coach used to get on my case for doing things that I did that the people in my team may not be able to do themselves. He told me that if I wanted to build my business quickly, then I had to use a simple strategy that anyone could do. At first I struggled with this, but after seeing my team explode when I just followed his directions, I had to admit that a simple system was the best approach. The affiliate marketing that I promote with the people I mentor  is based on a complete step by step system. In fact, it even includes videos that literally take a new person by the hand all the way through the steps in creating an online presence that generates leads. Weekly Coaching, Daily Coaching, a Library of Videos on virtually all of the top social media methods of Lead Generation are included.

What I found when I was doing things without a system, was that the first 10 or 15 people that joined my team did great but the farther down in my organization people came in, the more they struggled. I simply did not have enough time in the day to work with each person enough that they could learn and repeat the recruiting skills I had achieved. This again is why a system is critical as it takes the focus off you and makes the process mechanical. Yes people will still call you but now they can sit and watch a video and do the steps they need to take to move their business forward without being totally dependent on you. 


Are You Tired Of Struggling And Ready To Win? …..

I Believe Your Answer Is “YES!”

You are still reading and that means you are serious about making a change. If you have been struggling with little to show for your efforts and wondering if you can have success working from home, the answer is yes. Of course there are no guarantees that you will do what you need to do. Some people want success while others wish for it. You have to decide if you will join “the people that are willing to do what others won't so that you can have what others can't!”

Imagine what it will feel like when you have access to a system that offers you answers to all your questions on how to generate leads for your business, training on how to recruit them and a system that they can follow.  Discover the quickest ways to attract people to your business on the internet from Leaders that are crushing it in their businesses. Stop taking advice from broke people, because despite their best intentions, they simply can't teach you what they personally don't know. So you have a decision to make…. crunch time.

You have 2 choices   1.) Keep doing what you have been doing and hope you get a different outcome  or   2.)  Learn what successful people are doing and then do it yourself.


OK, Let's Get Started….

First Beginings…. 

In order for me to help you get your home business into profit in the fastest amount of time possible you will need to register for Lead Generation Universtity (see Step 1 below). Once registered you'll be able to attend  extensive weekly and daily sales and marketing calls aimed at giving cutting edge strategies to create massive lead generation. Since Leads Are the Life Blood of Any Business it is critical that you develop skills in this area. 

Although this Lead Generation University is primarily focused on providing a suite of tools and training to help members find customers and business prospects for online & brick and mortar type businesses, it also offers extremely valuable stand alone training products. As a registered University member you can market these products and receive commissions on them; as well as, receive monthly over-rides on all the people you refer to the system (In a short time the system and tools will be paid for by the people you introduce to it). This gets back to what I said above with regard to a funded proposal. Once you are registered you will get immediate access to a listing of all the Training Calls which I know you'll definitely want to attend.

This system includes an impressive suite of powerful marketing tools to help you get started generating leads quickly!  Setting up these tools is simple – as a step by step video tutorial covers each one in detail. If for any reason you get stuck on a given step,  just give me a call and I will walk you through it.

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