Video Creation Software Purchase Scam

It seems like every day I get an offer pushed at me that has some cool video creation software to make amazing videos. You must be really on guard when you go and click purchase after watching the promo video that they always present you. The reason is that typically the very first offer that you receive is such a scaled-down version you’ll have to upgrade. Once I get you on the hook for the first purchase you can expect to additional upgrades.

Beware Of OTOs' Or One Time Offers – Tick Me Off Huge!

If there’s a piece of software that I feel really compelled to buy what I will do first is go online and check it out. I’ll do a Google search and see what I come up with. When I do this I usually will find out what the OTO’s or one time offers are. The typical marketing strategy is they will charge you an extremely low price upfront. Once you buy the low one and your credit card is out they expect that you’ll buy the second one and quite possibly the third.

Your Video Software Purchase Was A Great Investment …. But!

I don’t mind spending money on marketing software if it actually does the job it’s supposed to do. The problem when buying software is they don’t tell you what you don’t know. You don’t know that you’re going to need the next upgrade to make the first one worked properly. You don’t know that you’re going to need the third one to actually use it in a commercial sense.

A Video Marketing Forum Post

I was in a video marketing forum the other day and someone asked about video software so naturally the post had my attention. The person had shared a video that he had seen and wanted to create something similar to it. One of the members shared one that he used and so I immediately clicked on the link to check it out.

Video Creation Software – Free and Amazing!

First of all, the software was free but more importantly it was a real amazing video creation software. Everyone understands that content is king when it comes to marketing online. Creating videos can be very expensive and comes with a fairly significant learning curve. If you’re wanting to make money online be prepared to spend money and invest in a marketing education.

The people that are creating video software understand that bells and whistles can convert into huge profits. Be here I was looking at a piece of software that had bells and whistles and was totally free. The piece of software will go to your blog post and read the article that you have on it. It will then construct a video image and text slide presentation with transitions and music.

Video Creation Software That Is Perfect For Bloggers

Once the video has been created which can take one or two hours you can then download it and use it on all of your social media websites – very cool. So take some time and write out your blog content and then log onto . Convert your post into a video and then put the video above your blog post and start smiling because you just created a work of art for free.