Network Marketing Business – Does Not Work!

Over 90% of everyone that gets involved in network marketing fails within their first 90 days. When you consider that there are literally millions of people accessing the Internet on a daily basis, why are so few people successful at recruiting any of them? The fact is that social media offers network marketers a massive advantage at building a network marketing business quickly.


Affiliate Marketing First and Network Marketing Second

As stated above, most people that are involved in network marketing are failing at it. Still, they may be very attached to the product/service or the person that recruited them into their business. When you attempt to directly remove them by trying to enlist them into your business, it is likely that you will fail. If you offer to help them build their existing business by marketing them with tools and providing them with coaching, a win-win opportunity now exists. Your prospect will receive the tools and coaching they need to succeed and you receive financial compensation that you would've not otherwise gotten.

Affiliate Marketing Can Generate New Recruits for Your Business

Some of the people that you offer tools and coaching may be satisfied with that alone, however others may appreciate having a leader take them by the hand. It is very common to have brand-new network marketers want to follow you in your business because of your leadership skills. So always lead with value and stop trying to sell. People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

Affiliate Marketing Can Offer You a Stable Long-Term Income

It is extremely common these days to see network marketing companies go out of business or merge with other ones. If you are reliant on a network marketing company for your income you don't actually own a business. You are called an independent representative but in many ways you are a dependent representative. Your network marketing company owns your downline and your paycheck. When you do affiliate marketing you own your own business and choose the products and services that you want to sell.

Because the products and services you sell are directed at building network marketing companies, you can create an income selling products and services to individuals belonging to other network marketing companies other than your own. Zig Ziglar said that when you help enough people get what they want, you can have everything that you want.

Weekly Training Webinar for MLM Lead Generation

Every Wednesday night, leaders from literally every network marketing company in North America come together and share the strategies of their using to build massive businesses. The webinars or free and generally last for about an hour and 1/2. This master mind group also provides its own preferred affiliate marketing tools to help people build businesses online that you can market yourself if you choose to. To attend these weekly webinars simply click on the attend webinar button below.