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Chuck began his marketing career at the very tender age of nine selling greeting cards door-to-door. Living in the country meant going door-to-door could be a significant walk on any given day but he was determined to get the prizes listed at the back of that comic that he had ordered his greeting cards from.

As an adult the idea of selling still remained very strong and so Chuck decided to move into the automotive industry in his 20’s. It was about the same time that he met a beautiful girl Pat Dillon, who soon became his bride. Almost immediately following their marriage they had two boys and as much as Chuck enjoyed car sales he found it necessary to find a job with steady paycheck.

Chuck’s passion has always been about helping people and so the profession that he chose when he left his car sales position was that of working with the specical needs. He did extremely well in this vocation and received a number of letters of recognition for excellent performance. One of his supervisors was extremely impressed with the way that he worked with people that he cared for and urged him to go back to college so that she could promote them to a position of leadership.

At first Chuck was reluctant as it had been some time since he was in school; however, a psychologist that worked in the same area sat down with them and told him that he absolutely needed to make this move and so he agreed. He went home that day and told his wife that they were both going to go to the college and get a diploma in Rehabilitation Studies.

It took Chuck three years to complete the two-year program. He put in eight-hour night shifts and then went home showered, ate breakfast and then spent the next six hours in classes at college and this went on for the entire 3 years. After graduation Chuck got his promotion, worked a couple more years as a Rehabilitation Practitioner and then used his education to qualify as a Youth Care Worker. He very quickly advanced in his new career and was promoted to the position of Program Coordinator. He started and managed a number of youth care programs and received rewards of recognition for his contributions.

In 2000, Chuck’s wife Pat, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and was told that if not dealt with quickly she would die from the disease. After a year of extreme suffering from radiation treatments and chemotherapy his wife was told the cancer was gone. Due to the extreme financial challenges that they faced together with only one income they lost their dream home and now were living in a tiny condo. Although Pat had beaten the cancer, she was still far too weak to return to a normal eight-hour job.

One evening Pat went out with a girlfriend to a meeting and came home bubbling over with excitement, because she felt she had found an opportunity for them to get their life back financially. Pat knew that Chuck loved sales and this venture would be something that he would absolutely thrive at. This sales opportunity was based on network marketing and when she first explained it to him, Chuck flatly rejected the idea. But after giving it much consideration and feeling the desire to sell once again begin to return he went for it.

The company was called Excel Telecommunications with a proven track record of helping people generate significant incomes. Over the next several years Chuck attended meetings and invited countless people to join with him. It was very challenging at first but fortunately he had the opportunity to meet and get coaching from some of their industry giants. His business began to take off and as a result of his success in building a sales organization, Chuck and Pat were awarded a trip for two all-expenses-paid for seven nights to the company’s corporate ranch outside of Dallas Texas.

As fortune would have it however, the company became insolvent and his promising business opportunity was now gone. A leader with a health beverage company in Utah had been calling Chuck multiple times a day because he was determined to get him on his marketing team. As many times as Chuck had told this fellow No, he would just call and ask again. After about two weeks of this relentless telephone courtship he agreed to partner with him. The company was called Xango, which was a start up company that showed a lot of promise. Using only the phone and purchased leads Chuck hit the Leaderboard. Moving up through the ranks and in 2008 in Florida was awarded the title of 50 K Premiere. This title means that his team was selling $600,000 dollars’ worth of product per year.

Chuck and a leader that brought him into the company partnered together to form an online marketing platform to help their team grow. Chuck held training calls where he would have anywhere from 300 to 700 people listening in on a conference line as he did live recruiting calls. Initially the people that were listening in were only from their own organization but as word spread about their program many others from teams outside of their own began listening in.

At the high point of his career with Xango, Chuck made the mistake that many marketers do and that is follow the philosophy that the grass is always greener on the other side. Chuck left the Xango to work with another company and even earned an all-expenses-paid trip to a Sandals Resort in Jamaica for seven nights for him and his wife as a result of his team’s growth. This company was also a new start-up and although the leadership was great they were not able to get any traction with their products and services in the marketplace.

Chuck spent the next few years developing his online marketing education and skills. One of Chuck’s passions is martial arts and one evening one of his students said that he needed a website for his oilfield safety company. Chuck offered to build it for them and was subsequently offered a partnership in their business if he would take over the sales and marketing to which he agreed.

The oil industry began to tank in January 2015 and along with it Chuck’s oilfield safety business. In its final year Chuck was able to generate $300,000 in sales and would’ve hit the 600,000 mark had oil prices held for the final half of the year. This was a rather ironic turn of events as many of Chuck’s friends had told him years earlier that he needed to get out of the network marketing business and do something that’s more brick-and-mortar as network marketing doesn’t really work.

It’s now 2016, and Chuck has returned to Network Marketing and is currently building a new team to hit his 6 figure income goals and this time there will be no stopping him. If you have a business and want some coaching on how to get Leads hitting your email box without needing to spend money buying them (which are usually called dozens of times) he can give you some guidance. If you want to get mentored personally and partner up with him then give him a call.


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