Communication - What's That?

When I first began purchasing leads to build my network marketing business my ability to connect with prospects was at an all-time low. I was so preoccupied with trying to read a script and make it sound like it was me talking off-the-cuff, connecting with my prospects rarely happened. I had a professor in college that told me communication was the art of making meaning together. Most people act as though communication is simply waiting your turn to speak which was certainly true for me.

Get Off Your Chair If You Want To Make Money!

I am by nature a very sedentary person, and enjoy sitting at my desk far more than walking around by office while talking on the phone. I first coach told me that in order for me to have the right level of energy in my voice I needed to be walking around. I recall having many conversations with him and always felt like he was going somewhere which was weird since he was at home calling prospects the same as I was. But when he spoke to me he would be walking around his house or his backyard. Since my coach sponsored more people in a day than I would in two weeks I decided to take him up on his advice and began making calls standing up.

Smile and The World Will Smile With You!

Another one of my coaches told me that when I spoke to her I needed to put more smile in my voice. I thought that was a rather weird statement, how do you put a smile in your voice. As it turns out, if you smile while you're talking, people can actually feel your smile through your voice. What I discovered was that if I sounded cheerful, I got a cheerful response back from my prospects, but if I sounded stiff and rigid then I got the same kind of response back from them. My coach told me that it's easy to forget to smile and if I wanted to become consistent at it, that I should post a mirror on my wall and watch myself as I spoke to my prospects.

Hey, Don't Be A Stranger!

Another strategy one of my coaches shared with me, which turned out to be a solid gold piece of advice, was to say hello to my prospect by their first name rather than saying "Is this Mr. Smith?" or "Is this George?". I remember listening to my coach call prospects with me listening in, and honestly I thought that he had actually tried to pull one over on me. He sounded so friendly with these people that he didn't know, that I could've swore he was either related to them or had known them for years. If you behave in a friendly casual way I learned that people are less guarded.

Master Mind Your Business

Very early into my Network Marketing I discovered that only a few people make the serious money while the rest barely break even. I decided that if I was going to be successful then I needed to hang around the top performers. Learn what they knew and do what they did.... Since this was all new to me, my results did not happen overnight but I did become successful and did begin earning the rewards for sales and leadership.

My Biggest Piece Of Advice

Join a Master Mind Group! If you don't know of any then join the one I did. The group is not an MLM and nobody will attempt to recruit you. There are top MLM leaders in our group from every company in North America. Every Wednesday night, a top leader will share their strategy on what they are doing to crush it with their business. The calls generally go for about an hour and 1/2 and are well worth the time. I got connected with the group in 2008 and I'm really glad that I did. Click the link below and register for our next Wednesday webinar.


About Chuck Guyett

Chuck began his career in Marketing in 1998 both in the On and Off Line business arenas and has won numerous awards for achievement excellence. Chuck currently works from his home in Red Deer, Alberta - about a 1.5 hour drive from the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Chuck loves coaching and decided to take what he has learned over the past 2 decades to help others achieve their marketing and sales goals.

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