My name is Chuck, and I would like to welcome you to my site!
My focus for this site is to help you learn how to market your business using video on the Internet and at the same time cut through the B.S.

 Learning how to build a successful home business on your own can be very, very expensive and more often with very little chance of success.
1. Are You Serious About  Earning A Living From Home?
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Success Leaves Clues...
Leadership Support - The Difference Between Failure & Success  
When I began marketing, I started offline and it was in a Network Marketing Business using a Friends and Family approach. The couple that signed me into the business were very supportive. They would do 3 way calls with me and even came to my city to help me recruit new leaders. They understood that if they helped me grow my business, their business would grow also.

Well my business took off and soon I began marketing it online. Once again my up-line leaders helped me get the best converting websites and tools to increase my team's growth.

As a result of the great coaching I received, I quickly became a top phone recruiter. Each week I held a training call where hundreds of people were dialing in to listen to me calling leads and sign them up into my business. 
BIG - Expensive Mistake
I had an excellent Lead source; however, they were expensive ($10.00 each) and the new people joining my team were often reluctant to buy them. I thought perhaps I could learn how to generate my own leads and that is where I was exposed to a lot of Industry hype and empty promises.
I started getting email offers that said I could easily flood my business with new leads and "all I had to do was...." 
Eager to help my team, I began listening to the advice of slick compelling marketing pitches and started buying tools, training and systems that were described as "Must Have" if I was "really serious about taking my business to the next level".
Who Really Loves You.....?
Unlike the advice and recommendations of the Leaders in my Network Marketing business that profited when I did (Win - Win), this new group of business coaches offering me help were only focused on getting as much of my money as they could. 
Ignorance Can Be Expensive 
Funny - they spoke the same language of concern and support, but when I bought based on their recommendations, I found myself only to be presented with yet another "Must Have Tool" within a few days of purchasing. So agreeing with them that I indeed was serious, and wanted to take my "online/offline" business to the next level, I would pull out my credit card and buy again and again..... 
This was a tough lesson to learn and just like the gambler believing that the next roll of the dice will make him wealthy, the same is true for me, buying software after software and course after course - "If I just buy this one tool/course, my team will build faster and soon we'll have that life style everyone was talking about."   
Network Marketing On-line
Your Best & Worst Coach and Tools
Sadly, there are a large number of marketers that are not selling real solutions, they simply echo in print or on video, what they believe you want to hear. They take your money and within a few months are no where to  be found.
Tools and Coaching Type 1 .....Worst!
  • Software  Developers and Self Improvement Course Creators  - churning out new products every few months.... some of which are great and most just rehashed junk.  [Not For the Newbie]
Tools and Coaching Type 2 .....Best!
People involved in Network Marketing - Leaders that build tools and systems to promote their own business.

Some keep their tools exclusively within their own organization and others market them to the general public. In general this is the marketer that I believe will give you the most "in the trenches" proven to work Coaching and Tools. If they don't build a tool but use it themselves and tell you to get it... "Follow the leader"

There is a Cliche' that states: "If you help enough people get what they want you will get all that what you want." 
"A Group Of Marketers Said Enough!"
With so many Software and Self Development Trainers selling absolute garbage to people wanting to work from home, a couple Leaders got together and began a movement that today is changing peoples lives and bringing honesty and ethics to marketplace!

There is a saying, "There is safety in numbers!"  This could not be more true and you are able to access our group for FREE every Wednesday. (See "Free Webinar" at the top right of this page and the "Take Action Button" below.) 
What You Will Discover On My Site...
Perhaps the biggest take-away from visiting this site will be an opportunity to join a community of other marketers that come from many different home businesses.

Each Wednesday night we come together and share the absolute most effective marketing strategies needed to build a profitable business using the Internet and Social Media.

                                      "It is All about sharing What is Working Now!"
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So, You Are Looking For A Home Business - GREAT! 
If you are looking to have a coach then head over to my Mentor Page, I would love to lock arms with you, if you are serious about building an income from home. Or give me a call - see my Contact Page 
My Teamwork Commitment To You.....
If you carry your 50 Bricks then I will carry my 50 Bricks.... Sound Fair?
Disclaimer .....
 I can't guarantee your success, as there are far to many variables that are outside of my control. You may be lazy with zero work ethic, don't follow my coaching etc.  Success in business cannot be bought! Success requires 100% commitment and an unwillingness to quit until you reach your goal! 
 But..... I do believe that if you do enough of the right things, the right way long enough, it is impossible to fail!
My Favorite Quote: 
I must do today what others won't, so that tomorrow, I can have what others can't! Copyright © 2016 Copyright © 2016

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